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With the launch of and their livecast interview series The Future of Cruising, Landry & Kling has created a forum for the greening of the cruise industry.

View our latest episode, as the interviewer becomes the interviewee, recorded on December 10, 2020, Episode 8: The Holiday Special, Joyce Landry, CEO of Landry & Kling, and founder of Sustainable Ships, interviewed by Cheri Weinstein.

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Episode 7: The Shore Side of Sustainability, with Roberta Jacoby, Executive Advisor and Mario Sennacheribbo, Founder of BC Agency.

Episode 6: Sustainability, Galapagos Style, with Susana Romero, Director of Galapagos Sales & Communication, Celebrity Cruises, and Dr. Ellen Prager, President, Eath2Oceans.

Episode 5: The River Side of Sustainability, with Pam Hoffee, Managing Director, Avalon Waterways.

Episode 4: A Perfect Day for Sustainability, with Nick Rose, Director, Environmental Programs, Royal Caribbean Group.

Episode 3: Like a Virgin (Voyages), with Jill Stoneberg, Director, Sustainability & Social Impact, Virgin Voyages.

Episode 2: Come to the Vanilla Islands, with Grant Holmes, Vice President of Cruise Solutions, Inchcape Shipping Services, and Navin Sawhney, CEO, Americas, PONANT.

Episode 1: Hurtigruten, with John Downey, President of the Americas, Hurtigruten.

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