Live Sustainably

Having promoted cruising for more than 40 years with Landry & Kling, the worldwide leader in ship charters, co-founder Joyce Landry now feels that she had inadvertently contributed to the industry’s past detrimental impact on the environment. 

Today, Joyce applauds every new technology and initiative put into place to reverse that detrimental environmental impact trend.

Joyce’s private role as an environmentalist, animal activist, and defender of climate change policies has often conflicted with her support of the cruise industry. She now seeks to align her personal values with company culture though

Joyce Landry, CEO Landry & Kling
Joyce Landry, CEO Landry & Kling

Defining the Vision

Landry & Kling created to support and promote cruise lines that are at the forefront of the sustainability movement. These lines have proven policies and significant investments in technologies to improve ocean health and provide a healthy environment for passengers and crew. 

The cruise companies we feature have demonstrated good stewardship of their global destinations and communities. 

Our platform will:


Communicate cruise line sustainability practices to group organizers, event planners, and consumers to help them make informed buying decisions


Be the mouthpiece for sustainable practices to the corporate MICE market adhering to Green Meeting Policies


Be a catalyst for change in the cruise industry that inspires lines to do more in the area of sustainability for their economic benefit and the greater good

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