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For the Love of the Oceans

The Eco-Band MASKeeper

A Healthy Ocean Means a Healthy Planet.
We are facing a new environmental crisis: single-use face masks are ending up in our oceans. It is estimated that 1.56 billion disposable face masks will have entered our oceans in 2020, negatively impacting marine wildlife and ecosystems. Single-use face masks are made from microplastics that can take up to 450 years to break down.

As cruise ships return to service with new health & safety protocols, passengers will be wearing face masks. As they remove their masks or dangle them from one ear to have a drink or stroll on deck, the wind can whisk the masks right into the sea. But it’s not just a problem for cruise passengers.The wind is also carrying lightweight masks into the ocean from land, boats, and landfills. Be Sustainable! Help Protect People and the Planet with an Eco-Band MASKeeper.


Demonstrate Your Commitment to Health & Sustainability

Lightweight, soft and washable, the Eco-Band MASKeeper will keep your face mask close at hand. Forget about fumbling in your bag or digging into your pocket for your face mask, risking contamination. Since the mask is now attached to your body, you will touch it less.

Available in your choice of black or blue while supplies last, the Eco-Band MASKeeper strap is made from recyclable material. The unique button closures allows you to adjust it around your head for a comfortable and secure fit, avoiding strain on your ears. Adjust the strap length to remove your mask and rest it against your body.

A portion of our proceeds from the sale of MASKeeper goes to Miami Waterkeeper, whose mission is to defend, protect, and preserve South Florida’s marine ecosystems and habitats and ensure clean, drinkable water for all.

1 blue or black MASKeeper*

3 blue or black MASKeepers*

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