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The cruise industry is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, keeping our oceans and rivers healthy, and supporting local communities through responsible tourism. Below are a list of our Livecast partners and their promise of Sustainability. Visit our Livecast page to view our latest productions.

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways maintains a policy of “Leave Only Footprints and Take Only Photos”. The river cruise line strives to protect and preserve each extraordinary destination they visit by finding meaningful ways to reduce their environmental footprint and supporting local communities. Avalon Waterways respects the unique cultures around the world and is proud to boost local economies through responsible tourism. Their fleet of Suite Ships in Europe and Asia features Panorama Suites with the widest opening windows in river cruising.

Avalon Cares


Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises aspires to achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship. The company is committed to making positive changes in the lives of their guests and employees, sustaining the environment, and making the world a better place. Celebrity’s fleet of premium ships are some of the most environmentally-friendly at sea, ensuring the beautiful places they visit stay that way. Celebrity Flora was purpose-built for the Galápagos — making it one of the most environmentally-friendly ships in the region.

Celebrity Sustainability Efforts



Hurtigruten is the world’s largest expedition cruise company and global leader in exploration travel, They aim to raise and set new standards for the entire travel industry. With the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, Hurtigruten focuses on innovation, technology and concrete measures to explore pristine destinations as responsibly as possible. Hurtigruten is the first major travel company to remove single-use plastic from their entire fleet and hotels, and the first cruise company to build hybrid-electric powered expedition ships.

Hurtigruten Sustainability


PONANT takes passengers to the planet’s most secret places where nature reigns supreme. This means they have responsibilities towards the ecosystems and communities that live there. By stopping the use of heavy fuel oil, removing single-use plastics, and carrying out environmental impact studies, PONANT has implemented measures to decrease the environmental footprint in the regions that they visit. PONANT has the newest fleet in the industry, with 10 technologically advanced ships. Their smaller capacity (160 staterooms or less) limits propulsive power and reduces fuel and emissions.

Ponant Sustainable Tourism Commitments


Royal Caribbean Group

At Royal Caribbean, reducing energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants is a critical part of the environmental stewardship strategy. Royal Caribbean Cruise ships are cleaner than ever and improving with each new class of ships. From energy consumption reduction and emissions purification to waste management and plastics reduction, the company is committed to a continuous pursuit of progress. Royal Caribbean Group is focused on Sustainable Tourism, offering 1,500 tours certified to the Global Sustainable Tourism (GSTC) standard,

Royal Caribbean Group – Sustainability


Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is setting out to not just sail responsibly, but to leave the ocean and its communities better off. They aim to minimize environmental impacts, establish responsible supply chains, promote thriving local economies, and play a leading role in protecting and restoring the ocean’s health. Their new ships were designed with state-of-the-art technologies to use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Virgin Voyages has banned unnecessary single-use plastics, and sources materials and products with sustainability in mind.

Virgin Voyages Sustainability

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